Optimize Your Life at Work with Mobile Technology

Take Control Of Your Solar Execution's Growth.

AHA! Solar is the key to taking your solar business to the next level. Whether you are a Sales Manager or a Director, the full suite of features keeps growing for everyone so you'll be fully equipped to connect your teams and streamline your processes. Check out how our features work together to solve your solar business challenges!

Faster Communication

Make the most out of modern technology by enabling your team to connect instantaneously anywhere, whether it's for just-in-time remote troubleshooting or to share the latest updates.

Better Data Collection

We know how important it is to have context before you make decisions. Our technology is designed to get you the whole story in one unified place, from form data to pictures to messages and more.

Easier Project Management

Turn project status tracking from a nuisance into a breeze. By simplifying everything for you from task assignment to analytics, you regain the power and time to make better decisions.

Custom Made for Site Use

The technology is here, so take advantage of it! AHA! Solar is packaged with tons of features that enable it to work successfully for both field and office-bound folks, so everyone can stay in the loop.

Less Administrative Work

Hours upon hours a week are spent on admin work, from reports generation to data cleaning. AHA! Solar provides automation that lets you spend your time where it's actually needed to have a AHA moment in life!

Simple Work

AHA’s technology allow you to manage sales, execution and operation efficiently with accountability and timelines

Minimize Communication Delays

Email and mobile notifications

Make sure the team is alerted to important communication, task assignments and events regardless of whether they are at their desk or out in the field. In return, you'll receive real time updates on their progress.

Integrated two-way commenting

Maintain the full record of communication on an issue, checklist or other work process inside the given work process. Invite team members to collaborate without leaving Scoop.

Automatic data uploads powered by AHA!

Sorting out and manually uploading gathered field data is a chore no one wants. AHA’s allows the system to automatically upload all data and synchronizes across multiple devices, platforms while alerting the correct team members.

Connect with Team

Make work fun again! Connect your team on intuitive mobile so that they can reach out for support instantly no matter where they are at.

Effortless Project Management

Graphical analytics

Avoid manual data uploads and constant switching between tools. Build reports and aggregate analysis against real time data with AHA’s built-in dashboards and filters.

Configurable roles and access controls

Need to customize who has access to which app and in what stage of the workflow? Simply configure your company's roles, permissions and access rules.

Task assignment and tracking

Assign Tasks to individual inspections, audits or checklists, assign to team members and track centrally by status and due date.

Organize clients and projects

Multi-level hierarchy tree can be used to organize and manage project data by client, teams and stage.

Dramatically Improve Data Integrity & Context

Full Multimedia capabilities

Attach multiple pictures, video clips, audio memos and even on-picture markups to your forms and submissions. Have a two-way conversation aided by multimedia.

Reference document attachments

References, documents, and manuals can easily be attached and accessed in the field as needed for the particular work activity.

Mandatory form fields

Access standardized forms electronically to the mobile phones of field workforce to make sure that the data comes back complete and correct every time.

Accessible contextual data

Pictures, comments, notes, tasks and details for one project are all linked together so you won't have to go digging for an important piece of info again.

Bridge the Gap Between the Office & the Field

Mobile optimized smart forms

Formats meant for desktop don't work well on mobile. Unlike other software AHA! tunes form experience specifically for smart phone screens.

Data uploads powered

Sorting out and manually uploading gathered field data is a chore no one wants. AHA!’s system automatically uploads all data and synchronizes across multiple devices on the AHA! platforms while alerting the concerned team members.

Available even when offline

Onsite, offsite or in transit, the app keeps running even when there is no Internet connection. Create and edit site survey, add images and videos and we’ll sync it all up when you get a connection.

Streamline Administrative Work

Instant synchronization across devices

Never waste time re-entering the same data again. Data collected on the site is instantly uploaded to and saved using cloud technology for retrieval from the office by another team member.

Flexible one-click report generation

Generate professional PDF reports at a click of a button. Save your report configuration as a template you or the team can simply recall the next time a similar report is needed.