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AHA! Rooftop Solar Helper is a team of intellectuals with a vast experience in solar and their respective fields. We are a dedicated organization focused on bringing the solar revolution in India! We do this by encouraging people to adopt Rooftop Solar Power.

We offer accurate and useful information about Solar Power, by providing customized solutions for people who are interested in adopting solar technology. Our experts serve the clients with superior analysis and tailor-made consulting services on India’s dynamic solar market.

Knowledge is power

We believe that the greatest obstacle to adoption of solar energy is lack of awareness. As solar power reaches grid parity in India (the point when electricity from solar energy becomes as cheap as electricity from non-renewable sources) the only thing in the way of full-scale adoption of solar power will be knowing about the most appropriate options.

Our Goal

  • To bridge the gap between potential customers and solar rooftop technology providers by providing a common platform to Solar Rooftop Owners and Solar PV Installers
  • To provide a solution for technical survey, design and project management for Solar PV Installers

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