About Us

The energy sector has begun a fundamental transformation from an old analogue system to a fully digital network. Solar will drive this change as it offers new ways of selling, controlling and gaining revenue from smart installations.

The digital revolution will change the way solar businesses operate by providing a new vision for smart solutions, which can help increase the profitability of traditional power plants. Solar is contributing to a more efficient and sustainable energy system. AHA! Solar is developing the answers for the digital solar revolution in India!

AHA! Solar is a team of intellectuals with vast experience in the field of solar, renewable and information technology. We encourage people to adopt Solar Power by providing solutions to all the stakeholders like end consumers, EPC company and government agencies.

Knowledge is power

We believe that the greatest obstacle to adoption of solar energy is lack of awareness. As solar power reaches grid parity in India (the point when electricity from solar energy becomes as cheap as electricity from non-renewable sources) the only thing in the way of full-scale adoption of solar power will be knowing about the most appropriate options.